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We turn the intelligence of nature into solutions for your business

Amazu Biomimicry

For more than 8 years, we have been working in consultancy offering biological intelligence consulting, professional training, and inspirational speaking. We design sustainable solutions from nature’s strategies. We are Conscious Innovation & Biomimicry partners of yours.

Amazu Biomimicry exists on a conviction that the future of business lies in the symbiosis between profit and purpose and our mission is to accelerate change where it is most needed in companies, business models and leadership.

We are committed to conscious innovation, sustainability, systems thinking and biomimicry. We believe that a company exists to create value, not just to mitigate the harm it causes. Something is only truly innovative if it improves companies, people’s lives and contributes to the regeneration of the planet.

Giane-Brocco Amazu Biomimicry

Who we are

Giane Brocco is the Founder and CEO of Amazu Biomimicry. She is a Certified Biomimicry Specialist, by Biomimicry 3.8 (USA), she holds a Master’s degree in Production and Systems Engineering, and is graduated in Mechanical & Production Engineering. She also studied Leadership for Transition at Schumacher College (London and Brazil) and Bio-Leadership and Bio-Empathy at the Amani Institute, as well as having other specializations in several areas. She is a Board Member for the FIERGS (CONLIDER) and FIESP (CEJ) committees. She is a pioneer in developing biomimicry in the country and was one of the first people certified as a Biomimicry Specialist in the world. She has been working in the field of Biomimicry and innovation for over 8 years and is the one responsible for leading and inspiring our business.


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Innovation inspired by nature

We operate as a network of people and projects, redefining and reinventing organizations and leaders, processes, products and services through a unique methodology combining Biomimicry Thinking + Systems Thinking + Agile.

Conscious innovation along with biomimicry helps companies become more responsible, innovative, sustainable and directly contributes to building up the companies of the future now.

Our Conscious Innovation Cycle combined with our unique methodology creates results with a positive impact. A sustainable world already exists and we translate nature’s successful strategies to co-create innovative solutions for your company and leadership.

But what is biomimicry?

Biomimicry is the practice of looking to nature for inspiration to solve design problems in a regenerative way. Nature as a model, a measure and a mentor when it comes to innovation.

That way, biomimicry can take its inspiration from the 3.8 billion years of evolution in nature – which is validated every day. It is the perfect bridge between science and the current demands of the world.

Bio means life, mimesis means imitation. Biomimicry is, therefore, a conscious attempt to imitate life’s genius, nature’s genius! Take a look at our presentation at Tedx Mauá to learn more about this type of innovation.

How do we work together and evolve your business and leadership?

We turn the intelligence of nature into solutions for your business.
We use the practice of biomimicry to help innovators find inspired design solutions. We train professionals to be the next generation of biomimics. And we share the amazing ways that nature’s wisdom solves human problems with people around the world.

Bio Sprint®

Exclusive Biomimicry Method, developed by Amazu, to quickly find (Sprint) an innovative and sustainable biomimetic solution for your company: product and/or processes (Biomimetic MVP).

Duration: 5 days (8h/day) + project follow up;
Indicated: for all types of companies and organizations.

Bio Leadership Program®

24 guiding principles from Life’s Principles for human and leadership development. From these principles we develop mindset, culture and behavior based on the connection with nature and the teachings of the intelligence of social organisms.

Duration: 2 meetings (8h/day) or 4 meetings (4h/day);
Indicated: leaders, managers, C-levels, teams in general.

Bio Branding Consulting®

Development of brand positioning and communication solutions based on the essential elements of biomimicry and sustainability. For strategic communication in order to connect the brand with the right people and companies.

Duration: 3 days (8h/day) or 6 days (4h/day);
Indicated: companies, organizations and brands.


Mentoring aims to develop your leadership based on the concepts, mindset and practices of biomimicry and bioleadership. Using tools such as Golden Circle and IKIGAI to understand the mentee’s need and connect with inspirations for personal and professional improvement based on the concepts and tools of bio-leadership. Every meeting topics are co-created with the mentee.

Duration: 4 meetings or 8 meetings;
Indicated: for all types of professionals.

Corporate Education & Events

Lectures, classes, workshops and trainings aimed at training and inspiring people and developing leadership based on the concepts and practices of biomimicry, bioleadership, biomimetic cases and hands-on practices.

Duration: depends on the service required;
Indicated: for all types of events, companies, organizations and leaders.

Company as Forest Program®

What if your company worked like a forest? Application of Industrial Environmental Indicators, developed by Amazu, and inspired by nature that revolutionize the company’s management, processes and culture. Your company operating as a living system and objectively communicating its sustainability and ESG principles.

Duration: 3 months to 1 year (+ follow-up);
Indicated: for all types of companies and organizations.


So, wasn’t this what you were looking for? Let’s co-create the perfect solution for your project, event or challenge.

Duration: according to the scope;
Indicated: for all types of events, companies and organizations.


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